A coming together of everything that’s good for you!

FIT BENGALURU was a first of its kind wellness festival conducted on the 9th & 10th of February 2019 at UB City and Cubbon Park. Dedicated stages hosted workouts and talks by leading trainers and experts from the country. Accompanying this was Fit Bengaluru 5k Run, aqua activities at Oakwood, a fit food market and an eco – market.

This was Altsoul’s first experience putting up a booth at an event of any kind. We didn’t know what to really expect. But the experience at Fit.Bengaluru was beyond seamless. Right from the time we booked our booth, to all logistical requirements Carun and his team were proficient in solving for it. As sponsors, we got ample visibility with our videos being broadcasted on the big screen, as well as engagement with event attendees.

What stood out for me was how tastefully the event was executed. Every class conducted, every talk given was of the highest quality. If other fitness events are the McDonalds and Subways of the word, the Fit.Bengaluru event was the Michellin Star experience of the fitness world. I guess the quality of a group class comes to down to the vibe and the energy the instructor brings to the table, and the trainers who were brought in for the event apart from being very skilled were also able to engage with the audience at a level i’ve rarely seen.

Despite being hit by torrential rain on Day 1 of the event, none of the classes had to be cancelled or rescheduled, the team was extremely proficient in executing their contingency plan.

Looking forward to more events from your team Carun. To jettison in the fitness revolution we need more events such as this.



Co-Founder & CEO Altsoul